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I'd like to give special thanks to those who've edited: Undeadhunter, Yuya, Shadow181, and Luisalirio!

FireBookDuo has been incredibly kind enough to supply a really fast complete mirror for this project!

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It's a Dragon Half Scanlation! Wai! Ho-i! Wai~! What's Dragon Half? It's a underappreciated series by underappreciated manga artist, Mita Ryusuke. It's an RPG-ish gag manga about a half-dragon-half-human girl whose love for a popular idol/dragon-slayer leads her on a quest to find a potion that will change her fully human. Lots of stuff happens from there. It's really funny, has good characters, and the art starts great - ends greater. There was a 2-Part OVA released, which is how I was introduced into the series.

I decided to scanlate this series, releasing one chapter a week. I'm aware that there are other Dragon Half scanlations out there, but their quality left me wanting and none of them ever finished. So I decided to do my own (with some help from my wife, and eventually, other scanlators.) My knowledge of Japanese is limited, so I primarily used these translations, but sometimes I used the older scanlations or my own understandings. I did the scans myself from my old trilogy tankoubans. I did the web page too, nice and simple (even if it doesn't feel like Dragon Half.) It was a pretty fun project.

Oh, if you're going to read this scanlation, please own the originals, Mita Ryuuske deserves some support for his work. This project is meant for those who bought the comics. Buy his stuff if you can. And the Dragon Half OVA while you're at it. If you want to thank me, either visit my friend's webcomic or my other friend's cool linky blog..

Contact me with praise and comments at ahojed@yahoo.com. Send your flames to my friend at ryuu_ou@yahoo.com. See the links for more information about Dragon Half, Mita Ryusuke, and his works. Oh, and if you aren't already, give CDisplay a try for reading the comic. Here's a guide to using CDisplay. Well, enjoy reading!

- Scanlations -

Part 01   (Mirror)
Part 02   (Mirror)
Part 03   (Mirror)
Part 04   (Mirror)
Part 05   (Mirror)
Part 06   (Mirror)
Part 07   (Mirror)
Part 08   (Mirror)
Part 09   (Mirror)
Part 10   (Mirror)
Part 11   (Mirror)
Part 12   (Mirror)
Part 13   (Mirror)
Part 14   (Mirror)
Part 15   (Mirror)
Part 16   (Mirror)
Part 17   (Mirror)
Part 18   (Mirror)
Part 19   (Mirror)
Part 20   (Mirror)
Part 21   (Mirror)
Part 22   (Mirror)
Part 23   (Mirror)
Part 24   (Mirror)
Part 25   (Mirror)
Part 26   (Mirror)
Part 27   (Mirror)
Part 28   (Mirror)
Part 29   (Mirror)
Part 30   (Mirror)
Part 31   (Mirror)
Part 32   (Mirror)
Part 33   (Mirror)
Part 34   (Mirror)
Part 35   (Mirror)
Part 36   (Mirror)
Part 37   (Mirror)
Part 38   (Mirror)
Part 39   (Mirror)
Part 40   (Mirror)
Part 41   (Mirror)
Part 42   (Mirror)
Part 43   (Mirror)
Part 44   (Mirror)
Part 45   (Mirror)
Part 46   (Mirror)
Part 47   (Mirror)
Part 48   (Mirror)
Part 49   (Mirror)
Part 50   (Mirror)
Part 51   (Mirror)
Part 52   (Mirror)
Part 53   (Mirror)
Part 54   (Mirror)
Part 55   (Mirror)
Part 56   (Mirror)
Part 57   (Mirror)
Part 58   (Mirror)
Part 59   (Mirror)
Part 60   (Mirror)
Part 61   (Mirror)
Part 62   (Mirror)
Part 63   (Mirror)
Part 64   (Mirror)
Part 65   (Mirror)
Dragon Half Z   (Mirror)

- Gallery -

This is a section for Dragon Half Images I have lying around. I decided to provide them zipped up as sets. I have no idea how many sets there will be. Send me any art (fan or otherwise) that you don't see here:
Original 7 Volume Manga Covers
CD Images - Someone want to help me translate this?
Higher Quality Gallery Scans - I scanned in the colored gallery images that I liked. Many of them are set up to be wallpapers!
Email me if you have any good fan art! Good wallpapers count!

- My Parting Message and Process Explanation (click to read) -

- Links -

Mita Ryusuke's Page: It's all in Japanese, but there are lots of pretty pictures.
Okazu Club: Mita Ryusuke's doujinshi group.
Josh Lesnick's Mita Ryusuke Page: Very informative, check out this place for information on Dragon Half's author.
Dragon Half Translations: I kinda mostly used this for the translation.
The Evil Empire: They're a forum, they happen to be hosting a copy of my stuff.

- Kinda Unrelated Links -

Gremlin World: I help my friend with this web comic.
Errant Cluster: My friend's cool linky blog.
Girly: Josh Lesnick's great webcomic. Also, his art was clearly influenced by Mita Ryusuke at some point, so it kinda belongs here.
Manga Updates: Keep up to date with all the most recent scanlations.